Technical Stuff

Made in New Zealand, our plates are moulded from granulated melamine, a type of high quality plastic. The original drawing paper is moulded into them at the time of manufacture, which ensures they are bright, long lasting and dishwasher safe. Our melamine plates are practically fade resistant and almost break-proof, unlike ceramic plates. They come in 2 handy sizes: large (25cm in diameter) and small (16.5cm in diameter)

Melamine is essentially a tough type of plastic, in our case it is white in colour. It is also BPA (Bisphenol A) free which means it does not leach BPA. It has many different uses such as countertops, fabrics and home wares to name a few. Many plastic objects that we use on a daily basis in the kitchen are made from melamine.

Our white, aluminium drink bottles are BPA free and come with an easy-to-use sports lid. They hold 500ml. They are perfect for use at preschool, school and sports/club teams as they are personalised with your child's name and drawing or photo.

Key points:

Dishwasher safe
Bright and colourful
Fade resistant - 10 year guarantee
Range of products
2 plate sizes – large and small
NOT microwaveable