We personally pack and check every single plate by hand.  Its is unlikely that you will find any kind of manufacturing faults with your plates, as long as you don't use them in the microwave!    But if you do find a fault or your plate is damaged in transit,  we will happily honour our lifetime guarantee and replace your plate with another one at no charge.

We scan all of the artworks so can easily re-make duplicates.

Please just send us a photograph of the faulty plate and we will communicate with you directly.


DISCLAIMERS - SORRY - There are only 3!

*LUMO / FLUORO - In the event that your artist uses lumo or flouro paint, pens, or highlighter markers, we will have to scan and reprint the artwork.  Scanners do not recognise lumo inks and will print the area in grey shades.  We do what we can to make magic  for you but it will never look the same as the original bright colour.

* REMAKE ARTWORK - In the event that we do remake a plate for you, Please note we will only make replacement plates from your original artwork which we have on file and cannot accept new artwork for remake plates for which the fault was our responsibility.

* PAPER FOLDS - Please note that we do not accept returns for paper folds which result as we mould the flat paper template into the curved plate.  Most plates have them and they do not compromise the quality at all and are barely noticeable.  If you feel you have an unbearable fold please do send the picture to to discuss.  

crease on plate