Hot Tips for Great Plates

Hot Tips for a successful Art on a Plate project:

If you are SCANNING your artwork to us:

Use any medium but remember that richer and brighter colours work best.  Pencil crayons are often too pale and fluorescent or lumo markers or paints scan in dull greys!

The secret with scanning us your artwork is a good high quality scan,  USING A MINIMUM OF 300dpi PER SCAN, use the flatbed of your scanner,  not the auto feeder and scan and save each picture as an individual JPG or PDF in as high quality as possible. (don't be scared of a large file - the bigger the better!)

Marker pens and paints look great - have a look on our facebook or instagram pages for some ideas and inspiration 


If you are using our special PAPER TEMPLATES which we have posted to you:

Wash hands first and no snacks while drawing as sticky fingers can ruin your plate's processing. Ensure the drawing surface is also clean.

Keep words and important parts of the drawing 2cm from the edge of the drawing paper. Anything drawn in this area may be left off the plate or become smudged during processing.

We recommend that you include a name and date or age on the plate too!

You CAN use 

Use only WASHABLE (water based), FELT TIP PENS/TEXTA’S for the best colour and plate quality.

Pencils for outlines - but please erase once completed

Water-based inks are best for hand or foot prints but you can use paint thats not too runny.  Wrinkled paper often shows up in the manufactured plate as shadows

If you would like to use photo's,  we suggest that you print the pics in the highest Photo quality possible and attach with a stick glue that will not wet and wrinkle the paper - or a double sided tape.  These templates will be re-scanned.

The following pens/paint CANNOT be used:


                Fluorescent / highlighter pens - the worst!
                Gold or Silver and metallic pens - don't show up
                Colour change pens - often don't show up either
                Crayons and pastels - too waxy 
                Oil Paint - too oily
                Coloured pencils - colour is not as deep and needs scanning.
                Sticky tape - cannot be used on plates
                Post it Notes
                White out/ Tipex - would need scanning and shows up on plate
                Stickers - cause bubbling in melamine

Please note that if you use watered down paint or any of the other products on the ‘do not use’ list we will scan and reprint your drawings however, we cannot guarantee that the colours will be as bright as the original. Fluorescent or metallic pens cannot be scanned and you may have part of your drawing missing. For further clarification, please call us.

 Write, draw or colour on the ONE SIDE of the drawing paper only. Anything drawn on the other side, will come through onto your manufactured plate. Please Don’t fold the drawings.

Please note ordering multiple plates off one drawing are possible, however these will be made off scanned images and a slight colour variation may result.

We encourage supervision of children during the project; specifically include all their important details such as names and dates on their drawings.

DRINK BOTTLES:   The following CANNOT be used: fluorescent or metallic pens/paints. You CAN use anything that can be scanned i.e. photos, stickers.


Please - No highlighter, lumo or fluorescent markers, they make the plates bubble and scan in dull grey colour.