For many years Art on a Plate has proved to be a popular and lucrative fundraising activity for schools in Australia and New Zealand

You are most welcome to decide what you would like to charge the parents for the plates, we would recommend adding between $5 and $6 to the cost price of each item, this works out to be at least a 30% profit per plate at $28.00 retail, our returning customers ordering during early bird can make up to a 45% profit on their plates.

Please remember to order your templates well in advance to plan your activity and allow plenty of time for manufacture.

If you return your artwork within our earlybird special promotion dates you can make an additional $2 per plate.  Click here to learn more about early bird specials

Click here to find out more about our loyalty program.

Our process is simple for orders of more than 10 items:

1.  Place order for free paper template packs by post or email templates you can print

2.  Return the original artwork by post or deposit the scanned templates into our dropbox

3.  We only invoice once we receive your artwork - we refund you up to $15 for postage

4.  We deliver your completed plates by traceable courier FREE

2019 Pricelist